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Bien plus que des projets : des réalisations

Working in the multimedia field since 1998, over the years, many companies and individuals have called on my services.

Having carried out over a hundred projects, some of these sites have aged well and are still online.

Thank you to all who grant me their trust!

Des collaborateurs satisfaits

  • “ I recommend Marc-Antoine because this is a person who has good people skills and enjoys a challenge. In the field of multimedia to have a person on time and goes beyond expectations is always a plus ”

    Sabrina Roc Investisseure - Mentoring - Service Conseil

    Sabrina Roc, Mentoring – Service Conseil

  • “ After years of searching, I finally found the gem to express myself and my thoughts. It was a real pleasure to work closely with Marc-Antoine. Being myself an artist, it was difficult for me to abandon myself completely ... En savoir plus

    Pascale Lévesque, photographer

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