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M2 + L

m2lM2 + L provides advertisers and eyecare professionals media tools and integrated marketing services, maximizing the power of attraction of their commercials.

URL : http://m2plusl.ca

Année de production : 2014

Réalisation : NetNuevo Solution Internet

Design : Natmark Concept

Conception : NetNuevo Solution Internet, Marc-Antoine Carrier, Expert Conseil Web

Technologie(s) : WordPress, Responsive Design

Des collaborateurs satisfaits

  • “ After years of searching, I finally found the gem to express myself and my thoughts. It was a real pleasure to work closely with Marc-Antoine. Being myself an artist, it was difficult for me to abandon myself completely ... En savoir plus

    Pascale Lévesque, photographer

  • “ Marc-Antoine is friendly and loves to have fun while working. I enjoyed working with him because he always set the record straight. ”

    Geneviève Bélanger UX designer

    Geneviève Bélanger, UX designer

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