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New Year, New Direction, New Services

In the business world, any successful entrepreneur will tell you that it is essential to continually renew, adapt and never sit on a success in the hope that it will continue. For a self-employed individual working in the multimedia field, such as myself, this reality is especially true due to the speed in which the Web is changing. That’s why I redefined and expanded my services.

You are a professional in T.I. looking for an external resource to fulfill a mandate? I has over 15 years of experience in multimedia development, including 8 in agency and 6 as a freelancer. I offering to put my talent and creativity at your service, at your office or remotely, your choice.

Are you more of an SME, NPO or Individual and need someone to advise you or build your new website? I’ll take care of your project from A to Z, nothing less.

Check out my full range of services or contact me to book your time slot.

Satisfied Collaborators

  • “ I recommend Marc-Antoine because this is a person who has good people skills and enjoys a challenge. In the field of multimedia to have a person on time and goes beyond expectations is always a plus ”

    Sabrina Roc Investisseure - Mentoring - Service Conseil

    Sabrina Roc, Mentoring – Service Conseil

  • “ Marc-Antoine is friendly and loves to have fun while working. I enjoyed working with him because he always set the record straight. ”

    Geneviève Bélanger UX designer

    Geneviève Bélanger, UX designer

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