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bedonzenBedonZen: The perinatal bereavement is a difficult subject, almost taboo. Noting that no resource specifically intended for parents experiencing a pregnancy after perinatal bereavement, whose needs are many, misunderstood and underestimated, led lecturer Annie Eve Gratton to create BedonZen to help parents discover resources to:

  • continue their mourning until the end;
  • gradually give meaning to the life of the deceased baby and find a place within their families;
  • reduce stress of losing the new child;
  • enjoy happy moments offered by this new pregnancy;
  • welcome and attach to the new baby, as unique as the last.

URL : http://bedonzen.com

Year Produced : 2015

Production : Marc-Antoine Carrier, Expert Conseil Web

Design : Marc-Antoine Carrier, Expert Conseil Web

Conception : Marc-Antoine Carrier, Expert Conseil Web

Technology(ies) : WordPress, Responsive Design

Satisfied Collaborators

  • “ Marc-Antoine is friendly and loves to have fun while working. I enjoyed working with him because he always set the record straight. ”

    Geneviève Bélanger UX designer

    Geneviève Bélanger, UX designer

  • “ With you, I felt backed and supported in an area I do not know and which I have little time to spend on. You helped BedonZen shine, to give it a professional and credible image.

    You sought the most effective solutions ... Learn More

    Annie Ève Gratton, BedonZen

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